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As Independent Brokers we are contracted with multiple companies,

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Rich & Kevin Davis Insurance Agents

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Health Insurance | Life Insurance | Medicare Advantage | Medicare Supplements | Part D Prescription

Rich & Kevin Davis


Rich and Kevin Davis are Endorsed Local Providers (ELPs) for Health Insurance and Long-Term Care Insurance serving Central Illinois. Rich and Kevin are certified for Health Insurance both on the Public Marketplace and the Direct Marketplace. Both Rich and Kevin are registered principal agents at Davis & Davis Financial Solutions.

Rich worked for many years on the family farm raising up to 8,000 hogs a year and feeding up to 1,000 cattle. Rich left the farm and started working with Schwan’s ice cream. He remained with them for 13 years mostly working as a manager.

In 2000, Rich began working as an Independent Insurance agent after becoming licensed in the state of Illinois. For two years he studied different insurance companies’ health policies to see what the fine print was really saying. After learning the strengths and weaknesses of the different health insurance companies and their plans, he found it easy to direct his clients away from some companies that wouldn’t cover certain claims and towards the companies with plans that would better take care of his clients’ specific needs. In 2002 he became known as an agent that would work on your behalf, and always in the best interest of the needs of families.

Rich became an ELP for Dave Ramsey in 2005 and incorporated as Davis & Davis Financial Solutions.

Kevin worked as a professional pilot for 21 years. He served as a flight instructor for 4 of those years, as a Corporate Jet Captain for 14 and as a Corporate Flight Department Manager for 10 years.

Kevin joined his father and the family business in 2009. Working with his father, Kevin’s primary focus is on the under age 65 health insurance market, finding the best health coverage options for each family or individual. He is very proficient in the rules and requirements of the Health Insurance Marketplace, also known as the Public Exchange. He also assists in enrolling his clients on and off the Exchange during Open Enrollment and Special Enrollment Periods. He is able to help their clients with marketplace problems such as submitting appeals, starting Escalations to fix Marketplace application issues, and communication. He also follows up to resolve premium and claim issues and his services are offered at no additional cost to their clients.

Rich and Kevin are now excited about their Faith Based Health Care Sharing Ministry they work with. This program is allowed an Exemption from the Shared Responsibility Payment and does not require Open Enrollment or a Special Enrollment Period to enroll. They can help determine if this would be a good program for you.

From the moment you contact Rich and Kevin, you will receive expert advice from insurance agents that both have a heart for teaching. Their goal is to help their clients feel confident and well equipped to make good decisions in choosing health coverage and to help make the enrollment process as stress free and pleasant as possible.

Health Insurance | Life Insurance | Medicare Advantage | Medicare Supplements | Part D Prescription


Serving the Central Illinois and Surrounding Area

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