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Father & Son

Davis and Davis Financial Solutions is made up of 3 generations of skilled and experience insurance agents who are highly trained in providing you with exceptional coverage and services. Since 2009, we have offered a wide range of insurance options to include Health Insurance; On Exchange and Off Exchange, Short Term plans, Life Insurance, Medicare, Prescription plans, Dental/Vision, and Debt Elimination Plans. 

We are Independent Insurance Brokers which allows us to shop multiple companies and plans in order to keep your needs as our priority.  Our commitment as an agency is to our clients and our clients budget. 


Father, Owner, and leader, Rich established Davis and Davis Financial Solutions in 2003 and became a Dave Ramsey ELP in 2005. As a former Farmer and Schwan's Manager, Rich's personality and drive is reflected in his commitment to clients and their needs.
Specializing in Medicare/PDP, Long Term Care, ACA Marketplace, and Debt Elimination Plans, Rich treats clients like family and strives to provide the best plans with less strain on your budget.

Rich Davis 



Certified as a Gold Star Insurance Broker for Marketplace, Kevin is dedicated to providing the newest and most accurate information to clients. After being a Pilot for 21 years and a Flight Instructor for 4, Kevin joined his father, Rich, at Davis and Davis Financial Solutions in 2009. Since then, as a Dave Ramsey ELP and expert in Affordable Care Act and health insurance rules and guidelines, Kevin has provided clients with exceptional service. Kevin specializes in ACA Marketplace Plans, Medicare/PDP plans, Life Insurance, and Dental/Vision.

Kevin Davis



Army Veteran and former Intelligence Analyst, Mike joined his father Kevin, and grandfather Rich, as the 3rd generation of Davis and Davis Financial Solutions. 
Joining the family business in 2019, Mike specializes in ACA and Direct Health Insurance plans, Life Insurance, and Dental/Vision plans. Mike is driven to providing leading products and solutions for his client's needs.

Mike Davis